Krystle (funkay_monkay) wrote,

I Try Not To Be Mean...

XanderNScoobs: hi thanx for the email..are u feeling any better?
Xanderluver21: yeah
Xanderluver21: how are you?
XanderNScoobs: luv u 2 friend
XanderNScoobs: still having my physical problems
Xanderluver21: I'm sorry
XanderNScoobs: it's life
XanderNScoobs: ill ness and death is a part of it
Xanderluver21: this is true but it'll get better...
XanderNScoobs: maybe
XanderNScoobs: i feel bad that u are having problems in the mental way
Xanderluver21: I'm better
XanderNScoobs: ok well i'll let u go sweetie?
Xanderluver21: why's that?
XanderNScoobs: i thought maybe u might not feel up to any chatting
Xanderluver21: no, it's just I'm chatting with a bunch so if you're ok with that we can still chat
XanderNScoobs: no problem but u chat with them this way you'll have less ims to deal with
Xanderluver21: but I wanna make sure you're ok too
XanderNScoobs: u got your hands full honey but you are very sweet for caring
Xanderluver21: but are you ok?

Xanderluver21: how's your week been?
Xanderluver21: done anything fun?
XanderNScoobs: i went to church saw a movie
Xanderluver21: What movie?
XanderNScoobs: match stick men
Xanderluver21: was it good?
XanderNScoobs: i liked it yea a girl searchin for herdaddy
Xanderluver21: cool
XanderNScoobs: :-)
Xanderluver21: :-)
XanderNScoobs: have to potty:( brb
Xanderluver21: k
XanderNScoobs: all done:)
Xanderluver21: k
XanderNScoobs: i go alot i get sore
Xanderluver21: i'm sure
XanderNScoobs: :'(
Xanderluver21: i'm sorry
Xanderluver21: :hug:
Xanderluver21: It's ok
XanderNScoobs: sometimes i wish i was..u know
Xanderluver21: there's a reason for everything, right?
XanderNScoobs: mine was to have a sore butt i guess
Xanderluver21: Hmmm...
Xanderluver21: you know that's not true
XanderNScoobs: krystle no woman will want a weaklin
Xanderluver21: You're not a weakling
XanderNScoobs: appreciate that
Xanderluver21: it's just true
Xanderluver21: and whoever you do end up with will loveyou for who you are
XanderNScoobs: thanku my future mrs
Xanderluver21: heh
XanderNScoobs: :-)
XanderNScoobs: where we gonna honeymoon at?
XanderNScoobs: i'll bring diapers for me
Xanderluver21: you! don't think like that
Xanderluver21: whoever you end up will be understanding...
XanderNScoobs: but in theory u wouldn't?
Xanderluver21: I don't understand your question. I wouldn't what?
XanderNScoobs: i thought we could be a couple someday down the road
XanderNScoobs: sound good?
Xanderluver21: We've agreed on the just friends thing
Xanderluver21: I thought
XanderNScoobs: oh for now yea
XanderNScoobs: or are u not stable enough?:(
Xanderluver21: I just think of you as a friend, babe.
XanderNScoobs: fooled me in some past chats
Xanderluver21: Um.... we put those behind us
Xanderluver21: we're just friends, ok?
XanderNScoobs: oh sure
Xanderluver21: :-)
XanderNScoobs: you aren't emotinally all there i know
XanderNScoobs: :)
Xanderluver21: ok
XanderNScoobs: after all i'm being nice at least i'm good looking
XanderNScoobs: you are a riot lol
Xanderluver21: What's that supposed to mean?
XanderNScoobs: babe u are goin to always be alone
XanderNScoobs: cause u got problems
Xanderluver21: ok, that's enough
XanderNScoobs: hre she blows lol
XanderNScoobs: watch out
Xanderluver21: 'kay....
XanderNScoobs: asking me sexual questions before..what kind of person are u?
Xanderluver21: what are yo talking about?
XanderNScoobs: laughing and saying are u a virgin to me?
Xanderluver21: I am a virgin
XanderNScoobs: telling me a friend gave u sexual info
Xanderluver21: I read a book
Xanderluver21: ok, Vincent... that's enough
XanderNScoobs: yes mam
Xanderluver21: ...
XanderNScoobs: u probably go from one online guy to the next LOL
Xanderluver21: Ummm.... you're starting to tweak, so we'll talk later
XanderNScoobs: u can block ull still have mental problems bye bye
Xanderluver21: ok
Xanderluver21: bye
XanderNScoobs: u look like the woman on the pancake syrup cover:)
XanderNScoobs: takecare babe
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